Great Kneads Mobile Spa was born when I decided I wanted to do something that mattered, something that made a difference! Working with Seniors has fulfilled that desire. There is nothing better that the feeling of pride when you have helped a Senior Citizen realize they are still beautiful!Bottom line!
New in 2018!
I have added Thai Bodywork Certification to the menu. Some health conditions that are helped by Reflexology will be helped even more by the addition of Thai bodywork techniques.
Why Reflexology? Because it works!
I received my Master Reflexology Certification in 2013 from the RCB in Oxford, MA. I have been practicing reflexology on a personal basis for years for friends, family and even on myself.
There is much more to balance and complete health than Western Medicine provides with a monthly prescription of pharmaceutical drugs. Lets face it the Pharmaceutical companies have a huge stock in making sure that Alternative and Complementary methods of self care and healing stay with a raised eye-brow impression.
The existence of Hospitals such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America are changing this. The philosophy of these hospitals is to treat the body, mind and spirit, thereby bringing a state of overall balance. They incorporate diet, western medicine, natural therapies, counseling and family support to provide the whole well rounded medical experience. By providing the treatment in this manner they are setting the patient up to a maximum health state in which their own body, mind, and family can assist in the healing process.
Disease is dis-ease and doesn't matter what culture you are from, dis-ease is the result of an imbalance. Too much or too little of one or a combination of something. Health is a total balance of mind, body and spirit. The whole person, the whole You!
Think of yourself as a vehicle for a moment. You put gas and oil in it and it goes. Pretty soon it needs some regular maintenance. A tune-up, brake job, muffler repairs etc. If you don't give it the tune-up and attention on a regular basis pretty soon it will begin running sluggishly or even fail. Don't wait until it breaks down, then it costs a lot of money and is very inconvenient. The same goes for your body. If you maintain your health through diet, stress relief, exercise, regular checkups etc. your body will continue to run like the fine tuned machine it should be.Reflexology can assist in keeping the body running like that fine tuned machine.
Reflexology makes a difference!

Nail Salon Services
After beginning my practice I realized how many people, both men and women have a difficult time caring for their finger and toe nails. Therefore I went to Henri's School of Hair for Manicuring and received my licensing in Massachusetts. Additionally I took training from a Podiatrist in Advanced nail care using aseptic salon techniques. It is a value added service for health and beauty!A manicure or pedicure not only makes a man or womans' hands and feet feel good it makes them look good. Feeling and looking good boosts self esteem and releases endorphins that boost mood. These services stimulate circulation that energizes the body as well.
Beauty and Health services make a difference!
Population I Serve:
I have chosen to cater to Massachusetts Senior Citizens and the particular challenges that are faced as we mature.

DISCLAIMER:Reflexologists, Body workers, and Manicurists do not diagnose, claim to cure, cure, or take the place of Western Medical Doctors.

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