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Donít wait until Summer-Your feet and hands are more abused in the Winter!!

Most everyone knows that a manicure/pedicure makes your nails look fantastic.† But; did you know that a professional nail treatment actually has health benefits as well!


Skin Care:

Your hands: are exposed more to daily abuse, dirt, and weather than any part of your body, except maybe your face.† That means that they accumulate damage easily, as well as constantly needing to create new skin cells and slough off the old.† A professional manicure provides cuticle treatment, treatment to prevent ingrown, chipping, splitting and peeling nails. Plus exfoliation and moisturizing of the most important hands on the planet. Yours! Hands have about 2500 nerve endings per square centimeter!

Your feet: Your feet take a beating, and if you happen to be carrying extra weight on your frame, your feet get the brunt of it. The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, which adds up to about 115,000 miles over a lifetime. Your feet are generally exposed in the Spring and Summer times; therefore Winter creates the perfect environment for fungi. Feet that are hidden away in hot shoes and socks donít breathe or air out creating a welcome mat for fungi. Doing a lot of walking can create calluses and other uneven skin conditions that make you walk different and cause leg and back strain. The soles of your feet have more nerve endings than almost any other part of your body, with a whopping 7200 nerve endings.A professional Pedicure includes a thorough cleaning, nail trimming to avoid ingrown nails, and lotions designed to exfoliate and moisturize your skin, Calluses are reduced (never cut, period! or removed completely all at once).† This not only makes your feet more attractive, it also helps you distribute your weight more evenly.

Blood Flow:

In addition to the nail treatments professional manicure and pedicure procedures always include massage. This massage action is not only incredibly relaxing; it also helps to improve blood circulation and lymph fluid flow to your extremities.† Beside the benefit of increasing warmth to the extremities it promotes healthy body fluid flow so that your body works at maximum function.

Fungal Infections:

Fungi love to hitch a ride on toe nails when your feet are exposed to excess moisture.† Often, it takes a few weeks for the infection to become noticeable.† However, a professional manicurist will be able to identify a fungal infection even in its early stages, when it is most easily treated.† Getting regular manicures and pedicures is actually a great way to maintain the health of your feet, toes and toe nails.

Mental Health:

Both the physical and mental health benefits of getting a manicure and pedicure are incredible.† Your feet and hands will both look and feel great, your stress will go down, and your circulation will increase.† The whole procedure takes relatively little time, so schedule your manicure and/or pedicure today.

Aseptic Technique

I am a Massacusetts licensed Manicurist and perform all of the services that a store front salon offers. I just offer it at Senior Centers and in homes. I have had advanced training in nail care and practice the aseptic technique during all nail services.

Aseptic technique is a method designed to prevent contamination from microorganisms. It involves applying the strictest rules and utilizing what is known about infection prevention to minimize the risks that you'll experience an infection.

Each client receives their own nail kit that includes a nail brush, nail file, nail buffer, foot file and salon slippers for the ladies. The men have everything except the salon slippers.This further decreases the opportunity to be exposed to contamination.

You will find me listed on We Serilize. This is Dr.Spauldings Medinail Registry that shows my Salon has been checked out to ensure that I have a working autoclave to sterilize tools. I took my Advanced Nail Training with Dr. Spaulding.
Click here to verify my listing there:

I am trained in diabetic and cancer skin and nail care, and know what to look for to inform you of the need to see a podiatrist or your primary care doctor when a potential issue may exist. So what could be better?


Dry Manicure w/massage $13
Glue Manicure w/massage $17
Warm Oil Manicure w/massage $18
Water Pedicure w/massage $22
Dry Pedicure w/massage $22
Luxury Spa Pedicure (Choose from 4 Flavors) $35
Paraffin Treatments from-- $4
Trim and File Finger nails (no fluff) $10
Trim and File Toe Nails (no fluff) $15
Polish Change $5 Nail Art $.75 per nail
New Gel Set $25 Re-balance $25

Acrylic Nails are house call only due to the smell.

All Full Mani/Pedi Services include: soak, nail balance (trim & file), cuticle treatment, callus reduction, and skin softening, massage, and polish if applicable.

DISCLAIMER:Reflexologists, Body workers, and Manicurists do not diagnose, claim to cure, cure, or take the place of Western Medical Doctors.

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