Reflex Therapy


Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive acupressure technique applied to the feet, hands, and or ears that promotes blood flow throughout your body which in turns feeds the organs and encourages them to work at maximum effectiveness.Initially, your Reflexologist will have you complete an in depth medical history, health issues, medications, lifestyle and diet. You are seated in a zero gravity chair, soft music is played, if you are chilled a blanket is provided, and your choice of aroma therapy fragrance is softly misted from a little machine. If the lights can not be dimmed you may wish to request a sleep mask. Any of the items mentioned can be omitted upon request of the client. It is about YOUR relaxation! Then painless pressure is applied by fingers and thumb to your feet, hands, or ears. Depending on your needs and goals sessions can last 30 to 60 minutes and will focus on your feet, hands, or ears or a combination of feet, hands, and ears.


NOT A PROBLEM. Do not be concerned about being ticklish a trained Reflexologist knows how to deactivate the tickle.


Simply wear comfortable loose fitting clothing so that you can relax.

Your Reflexologist Practioner will speak with you at lenght regarding your goals for the sessions and will assist you in scheduling the proper number of sessions to achieve the goals.


You are given an “After Reflexology Consideration Sheet” which explains what you may choose to do for the rest of your day. Depending on your concerns and goals an initial schedule of five or six sessions to treat specific health conditions may be decided. Or you may wish to have a once a month appointment, it is up to you. A single session may not have the desired effect and can not reach any goals other than relaxation.


One benefit of this chair is the position your body is in. This position promotes circulation in the legs and reduces swelling. Elevating the legs slightly over the level of the heart during rest can help prevent conditions like varicose veins. Additionally because your back is in full contact with the chair's backrest, the full effect of the relaxation caused by reflexology is greater. An upright position does not allow the intensity and thoroughness of the reflex-o-therapy that the reclined position does.

There are many studies and trials that show Reflexology works. It is for men, women and children of all ages. See the Research page for a few of the conditions that Reflexology can assist with.

Some conditons that Reflex Therapy assists with:
Muscle Pain
Back Pain
Tension headaches
Post-operative pain
Sports Injuries
Hormone Imbalances
Digestive disorders (IBS)
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Cancer and Chemotherapy-induced nausea

Reflexology Benefits

Reports from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Mayo Clinic, and the National Cancer Institute cite the following benefits of reflexology:
Releases tension
Promotes relaxation
Calms emotions
Alleviates depression and anxiety
Brings serenity to the mind
Reduces Pain
Enhances sleep
Reduces fatigue
Elevates mood
Restores balance and harmony

Typical Fees for this service:
1/2 Hour Session $25
1 Hour Session $45
Add Hot Stones $10

DISCLAIMER:Reflexologists, Body workers, and Manicurists do not diagnose, claim to cure, cure, or take the place of Western Medical Doctors.

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